How to Factory Reset Your Keychron Q2

Troubleshooting? Or Don't know what's going on with the keyboard? Factory reset your Keychron Q2.

1. Download the Q2 firmware (the file needs to be unzipped) and download the QMK Toolbox. (If the download link below does not work, use this link:

 2. Unplug the power cable from the keyboard. 

3. Open the QMK Toolbox.

4. Remove the space bar keycap to find the reset button on the left side of the space bar switch on the PCB.

5. Press down and hold the reset button, then plug in the power cable. The keyboard will enter into DFU mode. Then, the QMK Toolbox will display in yellow words "***DFU device connected".

6. Click open and choose the Keychron Q2 firmware. Click the Flash button. It will start flashing. (Note: Do Not unplug the power cable to your keyboard while it's flashing.)

7.Wait a few seconds and when you see the content below, it means the keyboard has flashed successfully factory reset. 

If VIA can't pair with your Keychron Q2 after you tried flashing, you need to follow these steps:

1. Reconnect your keyboard power cable. 

2. If VIA still doesn’t pair together after you reconnect the power cable, download the Keychron Q2 JSON file.

3. Open VIA.

4. Click "Import Keymap" on VIA and input the Keychron Q2 JSON file.

5.  VIA should pair together with the Keychron Q2 now.