About K2 moulding and production schedule

As shown previously in the factory tour of K1 Keyboard (check here), the manufacturing process of a keyboard is quite difficult. We started the moulding of K2 in February, after a series of machine and reliability tests, several problems have been found. We’ve got new moulding samples yesterday and upgraded the plastic frame with an anti-scratch feature. Pictures below:

Everything looks good now and here is an expected production and shipping schedule:

  • Moulding revision: Finished this week.
  • First batch (with upgraded moulding) production of 1000 pcs K2: Starts on June 10th, which will fulfill orders on Kickstarter first.

If everything goes well.

  • Production of 14000 pcs K2: Starts in July 14th, produce 700 pcs per day.
  • Shipping: Starts in early August for orders on our website.

Regarding the production schedule, it took some time to upgrade the moulding (finished this week) after we found a problem in the reliability test. That being said, we want to make sure that every backer gets the highest standard keyboard and so we need to ensure that the materials and manufacturing loss is kept to the minimum in case there is any production or quality problem again.

Hence the first batch has only 1000 units and the second batch has 14000 units.