We’re excited to tell your K1 is almost ready to ship

We’re glad to announce that your K1 keyboard will be shipped soon. Units will be shipped out by keyboard models with the following schedule:

  • 87 RGB keyboards will be shipped out from March 20th to 23rd.
  • 104 RGB keyboards will be shipped out between March 24th to 28th.
  • 87 white LED keyboards will be shipped out from March 29th to 31st.

We will ship out all orders before April.


As you may also read our blog post to walk you through the production process of K1 in reality, production of a keyboard is really not easy by passing through almost 50 different manufacturing processes.


During our QA process, we discovered an obvious color difference in this time’s production. The aluminum frame top and bottom panel has a very inconsistent color hue in different batch production, which led to a color difference quality issue that cannot pass our quality test.


This is why we decided to discontinue the grey color keyboard. Unfortunately, since current keyboard was on pre-order we made the decision to change the grey color to black color. Please note that we do not have any grey color keyboards left in stock - also in the future.


To compensate for this we made several changes to the new batch:

  • Improved key position including a control key added on right.
  • Improved firmware so Windows user can use function of F1~F12 without pressing fn key.
  • Keycap Puller for free.
  • Extra keycaps (for both Windows & Mac).
  • Improved packaging.

We strive by delivering a quality keyboard to you - and we hope you can understand from our point of view. If you’re not satisfied about this decision, please contact us.

Recently, we’re pleased to featured on several major media and KOLs listed below, see how the Pro walk you through the K1 keyboard before you get it on hand.


Thank you,

Keychron Team