We received the first batch keyboard and brand name news

300 factory workers keep working for the production of our keyboard. We’re glad to know that 130 pieces of 87-keys RGB keyboard Mac version have been qualified from quality test yesterday, it has been shipped out to Hong Kong Airport, and waiting for shipping to destination countries.

keytron keyboard shipping

Throughout the whole month, they’ve been keeping optimizing the keyboard production process. According to our test to the lighter color keyboard version which we have shown in the update at early December, we’ve shared our insights with the factory about how the keyboard can still improve, so the factory took time to improve for the mass production version. Here is the latest keyboard production plan:


  • Jan 6th, 87-keys RGB keyboard Mac version, 480 pcs
  • Jan 6th, 87-keys single LED keyboard Mac version, 200 pcs
  • Jan 6th, 104-keys RGB keyboard Mac version, 100 pcs
  • Jan 9th, 87-keys RGB keyboard Windows version, 420 pcs
  • Jan 9th, 87-keys single LED keyboard Mac version, 530 pcs
  • Jan 9th, 87-keys single LED keyboard Windows version, 440 pcs
  • Jan 12th, 104-keys RGB keyboard Mac version, 750 pcs
  • Jan 12th, 104-keys RGB keyboard Windows version, 950 pcs
  • Jan 15th, rest of 87-keys RGB keyboard, 270 pcs
  • Jan 15th, rest of 87-keys single LED, 330 pcs
  • Jan 15th, rest of 104-keys RGB keyboard, 200 pcs


For customers who have already filled in our shipping survey and need to change any shipping information due to the current shipping schedule, please fill out the survey again by searching an email from hello@keychron.net. We will take the latest response as the reference, you can also find a copy of your survey response from Google after filling out the survey.


Customers will receive an email with tracking number once we shipped your order, tracking result summary will be updated once local DHL warehouse received the order. The time of delivery from Hong Kong to your shipping address depends on local delivery speed and customs clearance, which we cannot fully control. Delivery may slower than before due to peak season, usually, it takes 7-20 working days for you to receive the parcel.

Another news is about our brand name and domain change.

Thanks for showing support for the Keychron Keyboard! Due to our successful crowdfunding campaign, our team has decided to build upon the Keychron brand and officially register it in the US. However, due to some logistical reasons, as we were told, the name “Keytron” cannot be registered because it is too similar to another brand name in the same category.


Though this was misfortunate, after much discussion, we think it is a good thing we find out about this early on rather than later in the future. We still feel strongly about the Keytron name, we created a different name that will be unstoppable in the future. Our new name will be Keychron! We will soon switch our registered domain from Keytron.net to Keychron.com and will proceed with registering the name in the US. We are very excited about this new name and the journey Keychron will experience.

keychron keytron

Due to the quick timing of changing the name, some backers might still get keyboards with the old Keychron logo. We apologize for this, however, the keyboard and all its features are still the same, but just the name will be different. Thanks for understanding everyone.

Thanks and happy New Year,