Firmware for K1 V2 Keyboards

Firmware V2.0 




This firmware is to reset your Keychron K1 version 2 back to the original. 
If you are a version 2 keyboard user, this firmware is the same firmware comes with your keyboard. So you don't need to flash it to your keyboard.


We have successfully tested the firmware with the help of our customers and none of the testers has bricked it. But there are still theoretical chances that because the firmware stops halfway as a result of other errors like maybe your computer crashes, your keyboard will not function any more.  In order to make sure that you DO NOT have any issues, please follow the instructions correctly. We will not be responsible if you do not follow the steps.
  1. Download the correct firmware for your layout otherwise, it can brick your keyboard.
  2. Make sure you switch the toggle is switched to Win/Android mode only.
  3. Make sure that my keyboard is connected to the PC through the cable that comes with the box only.
  4. Make sure that you use only Keychron keyboard to connect with the PC, otherwise, it might flash the firmware of any other keyboard.
  5. Hold "Fn"+"Z"+"J" these three keys together for four seconds to do the factory reset. Then you are good to go.

Keychron K1 VERSION 2 Layout

If you are a K1 Version 1 user, you can flash this Version 2 firmware, then your layout will be the Version 2 layout.

Note: Windows mode, press fn+X+L simultaneously for 4 seconds to switch the function between the F1-F12 function and the multimedia keys.


For people who are Mac users, need F5, F6, please toggle the system switch on the keyboard to Windows, then remap the command key and alt key, then you will have F5, F6. Right now, this is a temporary solution for it. We are working on a full solution for it. Thank you!