Update: 19/04/2019 What's going on with Keychron

Hi guys, this is Will from Keychron. I will start to update this page every week to let you know what's going on with us.  The post is here.



Firmware V2.0 for Keychron K1 Version 2 Keyboards is now available to download. If you need it then you can download to try. And please leave the comments on the facebook.

Hi guys, thank you be patient with us. We have some progress of regarding offering the extra keycaps to users. I would to share it with you guys and hear the feedback from you.

1. Some of the Version 1 users like to upgrade to Version 2, but the version 1’s left control key / light effect key won’t fit into the version 2 anymore. After the meeting with the factory, it seems we are able to offer the extra keycaps to you guys. But there are some trouble about it. Because the whole keycaps are in one mold, that means if we just want to get control key and light effect key, we will have to go through the process of making the whole set of keycaps and then throw the rest of the keycaps away. So you know in the end, it’s better to just sell the whole set of keycaps than just the control key.

2. The other trouble about it is how are we going to package the whole set of keycaps? There is no such package set we can buy from the market, we will have to chose to mold one or just put them in one plastic bags? The mold one is going to cost a lot of money, add extra cost to each set. The plastic bag is not look nice, but it's cheap. I would like to hear from you guys.

3. Firmware of version 2 will be released here this week. Version 1 keyboard can also flash it. But I suggest version 1 users just use the other firmware V1.2 (this one already been posted in this group), that one can help you to lock the light effects. But the only thing the V1.2 is lacking is the right control key. But since a lot of people don’t need the right control key, just don’t bother to flash the Version 2’s firmware, otherwise, you might have to buy extra keycaps from us.

4. BTW, how much are you willing to pay for the whole set of keycaps? We are not planning to make money about the keycap. Just want calculate about it. You know, the keycaps cost itself, the package, the shipping fee.

5. We also thinking about offering the keycaps with the pouch together, then it will save some shipping fee. 

The Post is here.


I would like to share you our product roadmap. Please let me know which model do you expect most in the comments section. Thank you! BTW, if you are industrial designer and willing to help us with some design. That'll be great.

Put the curved keycaps on my keyboard today. Starting to test it.


Testing the Red switches. Very silent! Probably this summer.


Doing some experiment about the curved keycaps. First ever 3D printed ones. Don't have the timeline about this right now. Probably Version 3, or Version 4.

The IBM old keyboard design is really tickling me. We might make a modern one of it.The post is here.


Just to let you guys know, your feedback has been heard, after a long meeting with the factory, we have changed the F9 color and make it the same as the F8. Here are some photos we took today about the slightly changed color. We will make changes to the Kickstarter tomorrow. K2's price will go up tomorrow.

Update: 10/04/2019

We are working on the K1 international versions. But we have decided it. Two reasons for the delay:
1. The low profile switch's supply is short, cannot fulfill the USA version. But the situation might be different one month later. 
2. Not sure if we can get enough demands for the international version. Please comment in the facebook post if you want the international version, and what version do you want? It can help us to make the decision. 

BTW, the international version won't happen that fast, even we decide to do it today, probably take a long time to get the product to the hands of a customer. 45days for the mold, 20 days of testing, 35 days for the manufacture. So around 3 months.


2. The pouch samples are here. Please let us know your thoughts in the post here.

3. A couple of people told me they don't like the message we sent through the Facebook Message. There is a way to stop it. Just reply to that message " stop", it will unsubscribe you. It's an automated message system the marketing team did. Sorry about the trouble.


Update: 09/04/2019

Good news is we starting to get units from the factory for the April's order. Today's arrival is 87 Key RGB, 200 units. ( April's supply would be like this: April 10th-12th, 1000units K1 87RGB; April 21th-April 24th, 1200units K1 104RGB; April 27th-April 28th, 800units 87 White Backlight. )

The bad news is, the customer service team told me they had a lot of people told them they got the wrong keyboards. That's terrible news for us. Means we are losing a lot of money again. The mistake is some people ordered the 87Key White backlight, what they got is 104Key RGB. If you are one of these guys, please let our support team know. We won't ask you to send us the 20USD price difference. But just want to get a rough number of how many mistakes. And please help us and don't push to send it back. It will be a lot of trouble for us to get yours back and resend one to you.  Detail reason for this incident is still under investigating. Most likely is the shipping company packed the wrong stuff. 

Startup life is like a roller coaster.

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