How To Use VIA To Program Your Keyboard

VIA is an APP that can easily configure keyboard keys with QMK firmware.

How to Use Basic VIA?

1. Download VIA (click here to download) based on your system.

2. Connect your keyboard and open VIA.

3. The VIA will pair with your keyboard (Keychron Q1) automately. 

4. Select the keymap section, click the key that you want to program and choose the value in the BASIC section that has all the basic keys for the keyboard.

How to set the Media Keys?

1. Select the Media Section in VIA.

2.The value of the media keys:

Vol+ = Volume +

Vol- = Volume -

Mute = Volume Mute

Prvs = Previous

Play = Play / Pause

Next = Next 

How to use the Macros in VIA? 

Generally, macros are used to combine shortcut keys into a single button to help you program different combination keys for easy access.

Example: Use Macros to create "Screen Shots"(Save picture of selected area as a file) button for Mac. Windows user can use the same way to edit shortcuts keys for keyboards. 

1.Find the "Screen Shots" shortcut at "System Preferences" → "Keyboard" → "Shortcuts"

2.Then find out that  "Screen Shots"(Save picture of selected area as a file)  shortcut is "shift" + "command" + "4".

3.Find the codes for the shortcuts at

4.The codes "shift = KC_LSFT" , "command" = "KC_LGUI" , "4" = "KC_4" .

PS: In the codes, option = alt, and command = win, the code you have to use is "KC_LGUI". 

5.In the macro section, choose a macro button. We use macro 1 for "Screen Shots"(Save picture of selected area as a file) . Write down the codes found in the block:


6.Click the save button. Now, the MACRRO 1 button is the shortcut for  "shift + command + 4" which is the "Screen Shots"(Save picture of selected area as a file) . 

7.When you go back to the keymap section on VIA and choose the key you want, click M1(macro 1 button) in the macro section and that key will become the M1 button, the "Screen Shots" key.

How to Use Different Layers to Set the Combination Keys

Use the layer function to access different keymap so you can expand the functionalities of the keys you program on the keyboard.

To Keychron Q1, there are four layers of key settings on the keyboard. The layer 0 and layer 1 are for the Mac system. The layer 2 and layer 3 are for the windows system.

The default layer for the keyboard is layer 0.

The button M0(1) = layer 1
The button M0(3) = layer 3

Example: Use the layer function in VIA to set power button = fn + INS.

1.We have a keycap "fn". To set the power button = "fn" + "upper right corner key".

2.On VIA, in the KEYMAP section, at the LAYERS part, we set the "fn" = MO(1). Choose the MO(1) on the LAYERS part for the fn key.

3.Click LAYER 1, and choose the "ins" button (the button on the upper right corner of the keyboard). Then, find the "power" key on the SPECIAL part.

4. Hold fn and the upper right key to power off your computer.

PS: The shutdown option will normally pop up and let you choose "Shut Down", "Sleep", or "Restart". However, please check if the system has the pop up option on just in case the system shuts down directly and the file is not saved.