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What is the low profile switch mechanical keyboard?

The LowProfile Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Low profile switches mechanical keyboards are a class of mechanical keyboards that have recently emerged. Different from the standard mechanical keyboard, mechanical keyboard with low profile switches use low profile mechanical switches. While low profile mechanical switches retaining the similar original mechanical switch structure and feel, they are much thinner and lighter.

In this blog, we will introduce the difference between low profile mechanical switches keyboard and normal mechanical switches keyboard.

Low profile mechanical keyboard keychron k7

The low profile mechanical keyboard: Keychron K7


The main difference between the low profile switches in mechanical keyboards and ordinary switches are the switch structure. 

Low profile mechanical switches

Low profile mechanical switches are slimmer while retaining the spring structure and the feel of a mechanical switch, like the feel of clicky and tactile. But the low profile switch is 35%-40% thinner than a conventional mechanical switch.


Low profile mechanical keycap

The conventional mechanical keyboard & the low profile mechanical keyboard

Keycaps tend to differ as well. Because the switch is low profile, it needs low profile keycaps to fit, low profile is also thinner than the normal a lot. 


Low profile mechanical keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

The conventional mechanical keyboard & the low profile mechanical keyboard

Because of the thin and light nature of the low profile switches, the switches allow for more opportunities to design a very slim keyboard. They can be twice as light and thin as the usual mechanical switch keyboards.

Low profile mechanical switches and low profile switch optical switches

gateron low profile mechanical switches

Low profile mechanical switches fall into 2 categories, optical and mechanical.

Generally speaking, the mechanical switch has been produced by many manufacturers, there are low profile Cherry, low profile Kailh, and low profile Gateron switches. Among the mechanical switch, divided into two holes version, and MX-style version.

Low profile mechanical switch 

gateron low profile mechanical switches

To low profile mechanical switches, Gateron switches are smoother, Cherrys are more stable, and Kailhs are similar to Cherry with differences between the two switch legs. 

Low profile optical switch 

Keychron produces low profile optical switch with a light switch body, MX-style structure, with a more solid structure. Keychron’s low profile optical switches are very innovative on the market because it offers both a smooth and stable experience. Bonus, it also has lots of options to choose from.

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