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Which Gateron Linear Switch Is Your Pick?

Gateron switches are widely recognized for their exceptional stroke smoothness. With Gateron, you can rest assured that both your typing and gaming experiences will be smoother than ever. There are six Gateron linear switches available (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Cap golden-Yellow and Cap milky-yellow) and most people have no idea which Gateron linear is their pick, so here is a detailed comparison of them all.

The travel distance between the six linear switches is the same. So we will mainly focus on the important operating force, which will lead to distinct key pressing feels.

Gateron Red Switch

The operating force for Gateron red is about 45 gf. Some people will go with the Gateron red for its standard linear and classic feel, regarding it as the best alternative for typing. Gateron red is comfortable to type on and the moderately light actuation force makes it an ideal choice for gamers since it allows prompt execution of the keys.

Gateron Yellow Switch

The Gateron yellow’s operating force is about 50 gf, which is higher than the red. This means the yellow requires a little more pressure to trigger and results in a noticeably different feel from the reds, but not too much. Most enthusiasts will go for the yellows since the Gateron yellows are a little bit more forceful and slightly heavier than the reds. The yellows are in the middle between the Gateron red and Gateron black.

The lubed yellows offer a silent and satisfying softness, giving you a wonderful and pure typing pleasure.

Gateron Black Switch

The operating force for the Gateron blacks is about 60 gf, which is the highest amongst the Gateron linear switches, making it the heaviest linear switch. Gateron black requires more force to activate, but still offers a smooth key feel. If you prefer a stronger feedback from your keys, then the blacks might be your ideal pick.

Gateron White Switch 

The operating force for the white switch is about 35 gf, making it the lightest Gateron linear switch. It is lighter than the reds, so this Gateron white needs very little pressure to trigger the key and feels pleasantly light and soft to type on. So if you are looking for the softest touch possible from Gateron linear switch, then you should go with the whites.

Gateron Cap Yellow 

The operating force for the Cap golden-yellow and milky-yellow is about 50 gf.  Both of them are pre-lubed and they all feel pretty similar to the Gateron yellows but the design of the Gateron Cap switches makes the typing even more pleasant and natural, which the typing sound is better than Gateron yellow switch.

Gateron reds and yellows are popular options for most people. However, you will only really develop a preference after typing on one for a while.