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Demonstration of Keychron K3 Teardown and Assembly

Demonstration of Keychron K3 Teardown and Assembly

Keychron has just unveiled a brand new keyboard, another huge hit on kickstarter, the K3 is the world’s first hot-swappable low-profile optical keyboard and features a design that is 75-percent the size of traditional builds. With the Keychron K3 Hot-Swappable Low Profile Optical Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, you could easily take your entire work-from-home, supremely-productive show on the road.

We recently received lots of inquiries from Keychron keyboard enthusiasts who are curious about all the components that go into the K3. The following video shows you all the components of the lightweight and compact mech-keyboard, as well as how we disassemble and reassemble the K3. Hope you’ll like it and get to know the K3 more.


We're still working on the K3 to make sure it will be delivered to you on time, and working perfectly.

FYI: If there is no problem with the keyboard, it is not recommended to try this at home as it can risk injuries and keyboard damage caused by the disassembling. Disassembling the K3 will invalidate the returns and exchanges guarantee.

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