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Development of K2 ISO Version

Until now, Keychron has made a few achievements as a mechanical keyboard, not very big but we try our best. We have got support here and do appreciate it sincerely. 

Before, it was a challenge as a startup to be able to offer too many layouts if there is not enough demand to produce 1000 pieces to meet the minimum order quantity of the factory. As we aim to build a sustainable long-term business, it is time to satisfy our supporters from different layouts. The UK layout will be available soon.

During this process, we met some troubles that the great variety between the Mac and Windows layout of the UK version. There are two ways we can solve this which is only for Mac or Mac & Windows. But this time we choose the challenge that will be for Mac users and Windows users with different keycaps. We do care about the windows users also more. Furthermore, this UK layout will just produce gray color for now since it is also a problem, however, we will cover it in the future and try to make some other color or mellow color.

Keychron Team

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  • alberto ayllonAug 06, 2021

    Any news about when the Iso version will be available?


  • cAug 06, 2021

    This post is poorly written. I have tried to read it several times to understand what the issues are or what we can expect from the ISO edition. Still have no clue.

  • Pierre PetterssonAug 06, 2021

    Hi this is great news. Would be great if you could buy extra keys like iso å, ä and ö. Good luck and you look forward to seeing more from you.

  • David CordenAug 06, 2021

    When will this ISO keyboard layout become available?

  • EssenbeeAug 06, 2021

    I really hope the UK version is available soon, as I will snap up one in an instant!

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