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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2021

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2021

Keychron's Q1 Is the Perfect Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard Modding - by Florence Ion @GIZMODO

"The Keychron Q1 offers the best of both worlds: It’s accessible enough for a first-timer or a scaredy-cat like me to buy and tinker with, and it provides a level of customization that enthusiasts crave."
"The Q1 is also a solid choice for anyone hoping to start down the path of keyboard modding that either doesn’t know where to start or doesn’t want to bother with anything gamer-centric. It’s perfect."

Best keyboard for 2022 - by Joshua Goldman @CNET

"If your office has reopened but you're not going to be using the same workspace every day, the K3 Bluetooth keyboard is a fantastic option. The slim, compact mechanical keyboard is a 75% size, meaning it doesn't have a 10-key number pad but still has function and directional keys."
"Out of the box, it is set up for Mac use, but Windows-related keycaps are in the box, too. A switch on the back left lets you pick between MacOS/iOS or Windows/Android."

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards - by Michael Smith @BOLLYINSIDE

"But the Keychron K2 75% Bluetooth model works in both wired and wireless modes, is compact without giving up too much functionality."
"There’s also a model with RGB and an aluminum and RGB frame for $ 95, but even the version with a plastic frame, which we tested, feels solid."

Keychron M1 review: A ridiculously light mouse and nothing more - by Tom Caswell @InputMag

"I also appreciate that the fantastic threaded cable Keychron includes to connect the M1 to a computer is USB-C to USB-C, with a USB-A dongle included."

"A benefit that Keychron touts as a result of the M1's featherweight is that users will be more comfortable during extended use."

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