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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2023

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2023

"The Q1 HE has been designed for gamers who want the ultimate responsiveness and customization. The adjustable actuation points provided by magnetic switches allow for faster feedback, dynamic rapid triggering and a highly personalized typing sensation."
"The Keychron C3 Pro’s feature-to-price ratio makes it an attractive option for budget buyers considering their first mechanical keyboard."

"Like many Keychron keyboards before it, the C3 Pro opts for VIA as the software utility for customization. VIA is an open-source keyboard configurator for QMK-based keyboards that you access through a website, with no additional installs needed."
"I’ve found my switch to the Keychron Q5 to be a significant ergonomics improvement. The elevated design has significantly reduced wrist pain during long writing sessions in comparison to something like Apple’s Magic Keyboard."
"Keychron is dipping its toes into gaming with the Q1 HE. This compact 75% keyboard uses Gateron hall effect magnetic switches, meaning that you can customize the actuation point of each key (or assign multiple functions to individual keys). Optional 2.5 GHz connectivity is included for those who want a 1000 Hz polling rate without using a USB-C cable."

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