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Keychron Keyboard Article Review — January 2021

Keychron Keyboard Article Review — January 2021

The Keychron K3 Bluetooth mechanical keyboard pairs perfectly with an iPad—by Andy Boxall @digitaltrends Jan 19,2021

A word on the overall look. Keychron’s keyboards aren’t spectacular looking, and while they’re neatly designed, they are functional rather than beautiful. That said, the keys have a very pleasing texture, and just the right level of grip too. It may not be as flashy as many other mechanical keyboards, but the Keychron K3’s design suits its capabilities.

The Keychron K3’s slim case, low-profile keys, customizable switches, versatile and reliable connectivity, and good typing experience make it the ideal Bluetooth keyboard partner for the iPad, or for your Apple computer.

Top Mac keyboards to complete your work from home setup— by Wesley Hilliard @appleinsider Jan 12, 2021

Credit: @macgaff

Keychron K2 is the most popular model the company offers. It has a compact tenkeyless layout with Cherry MX switches. You can order red, blue, or brown switch variants too. The keyboard can be customized with several options that do not add too much to the overall cost. You can upgrade to an aluminum frame, RGB backlight, and hot-swappable keys when buying.

Keychron K4 V2 review: Big functionality, small package—by Christine Chan @iMore Jan 25, 2021

Credit: @tobias.setup

The Keychron K4v2 packs in a full-size keyboard into a more compact 96% form factor. You'll be getting all of the functionality you need from a 100% board, but with more room left to spare on your desk for your mouse and other peripherals.

The Keychron K4v2 gives you all of the functionality of a traditional, full-size keyboard (100%) but shrinks it down into a 96% form factor. While that 4% doesn't seem like a lot, if you have a smaller desk, every little bit counts. You get a 10-key number pad on the right side of the keyboard, but since it's 96%, placement is right next to the rest of the keys — there are no empty spaces.


Keychron K1 Review: A slim mechanical keyboard designed for everyone—by Jared Dipane @thrifter Jan 7, 2021

Credit: @ca_seongmin

until I met the Keychron K1, and instantly loved it. Previously, I had tried out the standard red and blue switches, but always felt that one was too loud and one was too soft, so this time around I went with the Gateron Low Profile Brown switches, and I think it's quite the perfect combination in what I want out of a keyboard.

If you are on the fence about mechanical keyboards, or happen to be looking to a great compact, slim option I would highly recommend the K1 to anyone looking. As previously mentioned, it comes in both an 87-key and 104-key configuration.

Keychron K3 Review: Ultra-Slim, Wireless, and Hot-Swap—by Jake Harrington @switchandclick Jan 13, 2021

Credit: @average_tech_guy

The Keychron K3 is one-of-a-kind. It’s the only keyboard on the market where you can get optical hot-swappable low-profile switches (that was a mouthful) all rolled into one. The low-profile design and smaller size makes it ideal for taking on the go and for saving precious desk space.

With most Keychron keyboards you can expect a sturdy frame that doesn’t flex. I did not experience that with the K3. With a low-profile design, the case itself is quite thin, about the same height as the Keychron K1. When placed next to a normal height keyboard, it’s significantly lower in stature.

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