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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - June 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - June 2022

"Now, as I said, if you are an enthusiast and looking for a TKL, which isn't a format that's widely available, I think the Q3 is a good option."
“The QMK-compatible Q3 clearly follows in the footsteps of the Q1 and Q2. It uses the same double-gasket design that should make for a relatively bouncy typing experience."
"It uses a similar construction to the excellent Q1 and Q2 keyboards that have proceeded it, but with a larger layout that includes a numpad. It’s not a traditional full-size keyboard, but the idea with its 1800 layout (aka a 96-percent layout) is that it offers almost all of the keys a user might need while still being relatively compact."
"If you’ve held off on Keychron’s excellent premium mechanical keyboards until now because you just can’t give up that traditional numpad, then the Q5 could be a great entrypoint."

“I received that mark several times through testing the keyboard, so it was nice to see consistency. And there’s proof in the pudding: I managed all my WWDC 2022 coverage with the Keychron Q3, which was comfortable to use throughout!“
“The six extra buttons on the right side offer a little room for expandability without tacking on a ton of extra space on the board. What’s important to me is that my desk isn’t overtaken by keys that I’m not using all the time."

"It features the same double-gasket mounted design, CNC milled aluminum case, and dual OS compatibility, and hits the market for an early-bird price of $185. If you need a numpad, the Q5 is the absolute unit of a keyboard and the model you’ve been waiting for."
"The Q5 continues its legacy of delivering excellent enthusiast-level features at entry-level friendly prices. I’ve recommended prior Q keyboards to friends interested in the hobby and I’m happy to do so again here."

“Notably, the Q5 QMK’s fully assembled configuration comes with Gateron G Pro Red, Blue, or Brown switches. The OSA PBT keycaps are comfortable and easily swappable, and a 1000Hz polling rate ensures low latency when gaming."
“The new Q5 QMK is a nice alternative to Keychron's Q3 QMK, a tenkeyless keyboard that we reviewed back in May. It’s intended for macOS and works wirelessly, though you can also pair it with a Windows PC over a USB-C wired connection."

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