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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - April 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - April 2022

This wireless keyboard has THOCK! - Keychron K8 Pro - by ShortCircuit

“Keychron is probably one of the top favorite brands for custom mechanical keyboards as they're well priced, quality builds, and full of THOCK! The Keychron K8 Pro keyboard makes some big claims, and so far, it holds up.“

The BEST Mechanical Keyboard for Beginners. (Keychron Q3) - by Hipyo Tech

"In this video I make my brother build his first "thocky" mechanical keyboard. This is the Keychron Q3 with Gateron CJ switches. But... there's twist."

Same Mods! Keychron Q1 vs Q2 - by :3ildcat


Keychron Q3 - KEYCHRON Back with a 3PEAT on TKL with a Knob! - by keybored

"What Keychron did was bringing out a nicely featured cleanly designed TKL with a great foundation for modding at a friendly price. I know there aren't too many attainably priced TKLs out there so the Q3 is a welcome addition to the growing Q family and for this hobby as well."

I am GIVING this CUSTOM KEYBOARD away! | Keychron Q3 Review - by Lewis Toh

“The keyboard is actually pretty damn good. The build quality on this is insane. It‘s heavy and it's a major chunk. They have like a somewhat of a force break mod so you do not have to worry about your ping south facing so you basically had no worries about interference."

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