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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - April 2024

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - April 2024

Keychron K1 Max Low Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Hands On Review - by ETA PRIME

"So for the past few days, I’ve been solely using the K1 Max with my main gaming desktop. Personally, I use it wirelessly. I've got it connected using the 2.4 GHz dongle, and I actually love this keyboard - super thin, with the maximum thickness from table to top of the keycap being 22 mm at the back and 17 mm at the front. So it's definitely a thin keyboard!"


Unboxing a Keychron Q1 HE keyboard! - by  Chyrosran22

"Another day, another Keychron! They have expanded into Hall effect keyboards, which of course drew my attention! Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards, the Q1 HE is powered by Hall effect sensors and magnetic switches, propelling gamers and typists into the realm of digital customization with complete control over key press actuation, point travel distance, and functionalities."


This POWERFUL Desk Gadget is NOT Your Typical Numpad - by Work From Hype

"My newest desk gadget is insanely powerful - with a Cortex M4 processor, a 1,000 Hz polling rate, 2.4 GHz Wireless connectivity, and premium build quality - featuring an all-aluminum body and two layers of acoustic foam. Surprisingly, this high-end, super-powerful device is actually a numpad. In this video I showcase a ridiculously powerful numpad(Q0 Max), with some secret macropad features."


"Lemokey is a sub brand of Keychron and today they present to us the L1! A gaming keyboard! But what makes it a gaming keyboard? Does being able to play games on it automatically qualify it to be a gaming keyboard? Or is it what's inside the keyboard that makes it a gaming keyboard? If the keyboard wishes itself to be a gaming keyboard, does it simply become one? "



The Best iPad Accessories To Make An iPad Worth It 2024 - by Better Creating

"These are the best iPad accessories I’ve found to make an iPad worth it in 2024 (K3 Max & Q65 Max featured)"


THE KING or NOT? Lenovo Legion GO - 9 Months Later Review - by  CJKnowsTECH

"This is the K3 Max – a nice low-profile keyboard as you can see in this setup right here. I'm getting some smooth gaming experience with it, and it also comes with the Dongle, operating at 2.4 GHz. It's set up for the gaming and it has a tactile click."


My LAST Desk Setup Tour 2024! - by  Tim Schofield

"Keychron K2 Wireless keyboard connects via Bluetooth. You can also use it with USB type-C. At the bottom, there are grips available if you would like to raise it. It features brown switches, so it's not as loud as some other switches. I really like its style. You can also customize the backlighting on the keyboard."


First look at Q12 Max Southpaw Keyboard! - by DanKamYouKnow



Keychron K1 Max w/ sound test - by  Jon Imperial

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