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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - August 2023

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - August 2023

This Keyboard Isn't a Phone - One Plus Keyboard 81 Pro - by ShortCircuit

“It's pretty hefty, the whole thing is CNC aluminum. I actually really like whatever they've done here on this edge for the knob."

You DON'T Need A Gaming Keyboard... (Get a Keychron instead.) - by Hipyo Tech

"The Keychron Q6 is one of the best customizable full-size budgetish keyboards."

This is the most ideal keyboard layout for working - by Switch and Click 

"You could do pretty much anything they've got a variety of layouts you know just even weird stuff like the split 75 they've got it all."

I CAN'T Believe This $89 Keyboard Is So Good - by Created Tech

"If you like to spoil your fingers and hear that sweet mechanical sound when typing, you really can't go wrong with the K Pro keyboards from Keychron for under $100 US dollars."

Top Desk Setup Tech 2023 - by Justin Tse

"The type of experience overall has been pretty good."

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