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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - September 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - September 2022

This mechanical keyboard made history - by Andy V Nguyen

“But this is more functional because you don't lose any keys, some people just want to look at the keyboard and press the keys they need and the main thing about this keyboard is that if you look at a laptop with arrow keys those are 75 layouts and the width of this keyboard will match the width of your macbook."

Keychron V4 First Impression - by keebface

"I continue to be impressed, not only by Keychron's custom keyboard range, but specifically by the new budget v-series keyboards they've started making. So good!"

The best BUDGET custom keyboard kit?? Keychron V1 review/build - by CGBuild

"This is one of the best keyboards that has come out for the price. Coming in at $64 for the barebones kit is kind of insane. I do a couple mods that I haven't seen any other YouTubers do on this board, and it came out so nice!"

I'll give this an a-tier #Keychron Q8 - by The Asian Nerd


The best 75% keyboard under $100 | Keychron V1 - by Very important Geeks

"Keychron continues to do what it does best, and that's delivering incredible value for money with their keyboards. You get the full host of features, rgb, pbt keycaps, hotswap PCB, WMK/VIA programmability, foams, silicone, OS compatibility, all for under $100. Knob optional."

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