Keychron K Pro Switch

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Quantity of one set

Each Keychron K Pro Switch Set comes with 110 switches and the bottle.

Premium Typing Experience

Check out our exclusive Keychron K Pro switch! The K Pro switch offers premium smooth and tactile typing experience with an optimized mold. The precise positioning and less wobbliness will certainly improve your fingertip feel. A smooth travel experience is guaranteed with up to 50 million keystroke lifespan. 

Factory Pre-lubed

 The Keychron K Pro switches are factory pre-lubed (Red, Banana, and Brown), which has reduced spring noise and less stem wobbliness. If you would like enjoy silky smoothness and natural typing feeling then you must go for the Keychron K Pro switch.

Dustproof Wall Design

Featured the unique dustproof wall design for the switch stem, the Keychron K Pro switch has less stem wobbliness than other regular switches, which ensures more solid and stable typing feeling. The wall design on the top of the stem also prevents dust or moisture.

Banana And Mint

We’re proud to add two more amazing switches to the K Pro switch family, the K Pro Banana and Mint switches, which both have earlier tactile bumps, providing an extraordinary typing experience with a fresher and smoother tactile bottom out. 

K Pro Banana Switch

Operating Force57±8 gf
Return Force20±8 gf
Pre-Travel2.2±0.4 mm
Total Travel3.3±0.2 mm
Operation LifeUp to 50M cycles

K Pro Mint Switch

Operating Force67±8 gf
Return Force33±8 gf
Pre-Travel2.2±0.4 mm
Total Travel3.3±0.2 mm
Operation LifeUp to 50M cycles


Keychron K Pro switch features specs


Keychron K Pro Switch Sound Test

Compatible Keyboard:

Any K series (Gateron Mechanical Hot-Swappable or Keychron Mechanical Hot-Swappable versions only), K Pro series (Normal-profile versions only), C and C Pro series (Hot-Swappable versions only), V series, Q series and Q Pro series Keychron keyboards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bob Jones
K Pro Mint - Perfect Name

I have been looking for essentially the snappiest, shortest tactile engagement with high AF.
I have used all K Pros, but Banana, every Cherry and a chunk of Gateron.

On paper and based on reviews the Glorious Panda's seemed like they were going to be it. I tried one out that was in a sampler.

The ONLY reason I bought the Pro Mint was because for $16 when I bought some other stuff, it was the price of a sampler.

I loaded up my Q11 and Q0 Plus and giggled. Then the Glorious Pandas arrived. I did have of the keyboard Mint half Panda.

I can't believe I'm going with the $16 Mints over $108 Pandas.

Mint vs Panda - they feel almost identical in everything except the Mints take more AF which I wanted. Having never used Bananas, don't listen to me, but I bet the Banana and the Panda would be extremely difficult to even decern under the keycaps, but it would be completely subjective. I wrote this review when I came back to order more Mints and saw they were out of stock. That makes sense. If this is the feel you are after, it has to be the best value switch on the market considering the quality.

K Pro Banana switches

I bought the banana switches without having bought a switch tester, and I was pleasantly surprised. I like the early tactile bump, both on the actuation and the return the bump was obvious. The switches being factory lubed saved a ton of time while building my keyboard. Originally I wanted to buy some Holy Pandas or Gateron Baby Kangaroos, but the offerings here seemed like a better deal. People transitioning from rubber domes would find the early bump familiar. I do wish the banana switches had dust proof stems though, like the other K Pro switches.
I also have the red switches from another Keychron build, IMO nothing special about them, other than it also being factory lubed and having dust proof stems.

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