Firmware for K1 V2 Keyboards

How to update the firmware?


We have successfully tested the firmware with the help of our customers and none of the testers has bricked it. But there are still theoretical chances that because the firmware stops halfway as a result of other errors like maybe your computer crashes, your keyboard will not function anymore.  In order to make sure that you DO NOT have any issues, please follow the instructions correctly. We will not be responsible if you do not follow the steps.

  1. Download the correct firmware for your layout (White Backlight/ RGB Backlight ) otherwise, it can brick your keyboard.
  2. Make sure you switch the toggle to Win/Android mode only.
  3. Make sure that my keyboard is connected to the PC through the cable that comes with the box only.
  4. Make sure that you use only Keychron keyboard to connect with the PC, otherwise, it might flash the firmware of any other keyboard.
  5. Now start running the exe file.
  6. After flashing the new firmware, hold "Fn"+"Z"+"J" these three keys together for four seconds to do the factory reset. Then you are good to go.
Download the Firmware V2.7 from the following link:


Firmware V2.7

What changes we have made compare to firmware V2.6?

  1. Added ‘Fn+ backlight key’ as a shortcut key to control the backlight on/ off.
  2. Under the ‘always-on’ mode, it shows white light by default.
  3. Added ‘Fn+ Left arrow’ and ‘Fn + Right arrow’ to adjust RGB backlight, as the schemes would not circulate before.


Firmware V2.6

This firmware is to reset your Keychron K1 version 2 back to the original. 

If you are a version 2 keyboard user, you already have firmware V2.0 for your keyboard. You could decide whether to flash firmware V2.6 to your keyboard base on the following update.
What changes we have made compare to firmware V2.0?
  1. Fix some bugs
  2. Keyboard shortcuts update. 
New factory default function under the Mac system is that the F1~F12 functions (except F5/F6) can be adjusted inside the Mac system. The F5/F6 defaults to the backlight adjustment function. After long press FN+K+C for 3s, the keyboard will flash 3 times, then the function of F5/F6 will switch to the normal F5/F6 function under Mac system, and the keyboard backlight control will adjust to FN+F5/F6. And vice versa.
*Please note: for any short cut, please press the Fn first and then press other keys.
    Change Backlight Color


    Switch Between Function Keys and Multimedia Keys

    • What is Multimedia Key & Function Keys 
    • How to switch?



      *After this for F5 and F6, you will be able to switch between multimedia keys and function keys for Mac.


      Download the Firmware V2.6 from the following link:


      Keychron K1 VERSION 2 Layout

      If you are a K1 Version 1 user, you can flash this Version 2 firmware, then your layout will be the Version 2 layout.