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How to flash the firmware and factory reset the Keychron B series keyboard

Troubleshooting? Or don't know what's going on with the keyboard? Factory reset your Keychron B series keyboard.

Note: Please flash the firmware on your Windows PC.

Step 1: Plug in the cable and switch the keyboard mode to Cable and OS to Windows.

Step 2: Download the right firmware update tool (Keyboard Upgrade Tool) for your keyboard below.

Download Firmware Updater for B1 Korean Layout

*Firmware version 1.03 on February 01, 2024.

Download Firmware Updater for B6 Korean Layout

*Firmware version 1.03 on February 01, 2024.

 Step 3: Open the downloaded file, and proceed with the prompts to upgrade your keyboard firmware.

Flash the Keychron B series firmware-2.jpeg__PID:10cb6ea7-eb6f-46e7-a643-3313cdd0a311Flash the Keychron B series firmware-3.jpeg__PID:cb6ea7eb-6f26-47e6-8333-13cdd0a311d1Flash the Keychron B series firmware-4.jpeg__PID:6ea7eb6f-26e7-4643-b313-cdd0a311d16a

Now you have flashed the keyboard firmware successfully. Click 'X' to quit.

Step 4: Hold fn + J + Z for 4 seconds, then press any key to factory reset the keyboard.

Note: After factory resetting, you need to reconnect the keyboard to your device via the receiver or re-pair via Bluetooth.

Refer to the following instructions to learn how to re-pair the keyboard to your device in 2.4GHz / Bluetooth mode.