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How to flash the firmware and factory reset the Keychron M4 mouse

(1) If everything is working with your mouse, please don’t flash the firmware. There is a chance it can damage your mouse.
(2) This guide is for Keychron M4 users only. Please flash the firmware on your Windows PC. (We are working on making it accessible for Mac systems.)
(3) If you have multiple Keychron mice, please flash each one by one. Do not plug all the mice into the computer at the same time.

The firmware update includes two parts:
(1) Flash the firmware for the wireless receiver. 
(2) Flash the firmware for the M4 Mouse. 

Please follow the instructions below.

Flash the firmware for the Wireless Receiver

Step 1: Connect the wireless receiver to your Windows PC. 

Step 2: Download the firmware update app below. Before opening it, please make sure your M4 mouse is NOT in wired mode.

Download M4 Mouse Firmware Update App

 Step 3: Open this app and start your receiver firmware update.


Now you have updated the receiver firmware successfully. Please follow the instructions to flash the mouse firmware.

Flash the firmware for the M4 Mouse.

Unplug the receiver from your device. Then connect your M4 mouse by wire.

(1) Make sure your mouse is connected to the PC with the cable that came with the box. If you are using a third-party cable, please make sure it can pass data as some cables can only be used for charging.
(2) Ensure only one Keychron mouse is connected to your computer. If you have multiple Keychron mice, please flash each one by one.

Please repeat Step 3 above.


Now you have updated the mouse firmware successfully.

Factory reset the M4 mouse

After the receiver and mouse have finished the update, please factory reset the M4 mouse. 

Note: After factory resetting, you need to reconnect the mouse to your device via the 2.4GHz receiver or re-pair via Bluetooth.

*Refer to the following instructions to learn how to connect the M4 mouse to your device in 2.4GHz/Bluetooth mode.