How To Use VIA To Pair With Keychron V Series Keyboard

Normally the VIA will pair up with the Keychron V series keyboard automatically. But If your VIA doesn’t automatically pair up with your Keychron V series keyboard, you need to follow these steps:

1. Reconnect your keyboard power cable. 

2. If VIA still doesn’t pair together after you reconnect the power cable, download and unzip the Keychron V1/V4/V2/V3/V4/V5/V6/V7/V8/V10 JSON file.

Keychron V1 JSON File

Keychron V4 JSON File

Keychron V2 JSON File

Keychron V3 JSON File

Keychron V5 JSON File

Keychron V6 JSON File

Keychron V7 JSON File

Keychron V8 JSON File

Keychron V10 JSON File

3. Unplug your keyboard from your computer.

4. Open VIA.

Step 1: Turn on "Show Design tab" on "SETTINGS" tab.

Step 2: Click the “DESIGN” section.
Step 3: Drag the JSON file to the tab and then click the "CONFIGURE" section to customize the keymap.

5. Replug your keyboard.

6. VIA should pair together with your Keychron V1/V4/V2/V3/V5/V6/V7/V8/V10 now.

How to access VIA

Please click here to open the VIA. (Online VIA can only be opened by browsers based on Chrome currently.)