World's First Wireless & Open-Source Custom Keyboard With Magnetic Switches.

Keychron Q1 HE QMK Custom Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Features of the Q1 HE

Empower Your Gaming Experience

Hyper fast, super responsive, and highly accurate with magnetic switches.

Equipped with innovative magnetic switches, the Hall Effect Keyboard Q1 HE allows for even more responsive, faster, and accurate keystrokes in gaming for the best performance, all while maintaining the convenience of easy settings in our self-designed software.

1. Rapid Trigger

Rapid trigger allows the immediate triggers of key inputs when pressed down and reset when released, and the extreme sensitivity can reach 0.1 mm. That means you can repeat the same inputs fast in mid-motion, suitable for games like FPS as you can aim and shoot faster and more responsively, or rhythm games to make quick hits and turns to survive on.

Magnetic switch

Suitable for: FPS, action games, racing games, rhythm


Traditional mechanical switch

2. Adjustable Actuation Point

Decide the distance to activate the switch for each key, and set an ultra-short actuation distance for gaming like fast-pacing games. Or, custom a long operating point to avoid typos.

Suitable for: FPS, action games, racing games, typing

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3. Double Actions Over One Keystroke

The switch can register two keys over a single keystroke, half press for one action and full press for the other. You can bind double actions like hopping over blocks and then quickly hunker to lurk, which minimizes the latency in between, and gains more competitive advantages.

Suitable for: MOBA, action games


2.4 GHz & Bluetooth Connection 

The Q1 HE supports 2.4G wireless mode with a 1000 Hz polling rate for your enhanced gaming experience, while you can also connect it with up to 3 devices in Bluetooth mode.

Keychron Q1 HE QMK Custom Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

CNC Aluminum Body

Crafted with 6063 aluminum processed through more than 24 manufacturing stages that include CNC machined, polished, anodized, sandblasted, it is made for a solid metal art on the desk.

Keychron Q1 HE QMK Custom Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

QMK/VIA Support

With QMK/VIA, you can remap your favorite keys and create macros with any key, including the knob, on any operating system (macOS, Windows, or Linux) for a fluid workflow.  

QMK/VIA icon

Easy Assembly

We designed every component to be able to assemble easily and you can customize or mod each component with ease to create your ultimate typing experience.

Structure of the Q1 HE

Double-Gasket Design

Experience the next level of key sounds and comfort with our gasket mount design. This design allows the keyboard to maintain the flexibility of the gasket structure and improves the overall typing sound. 

Double-Gasket Design


When will the Q1 HE be available?

Estimated November 2023 on Kickstarter, and we expect to start shipping in January 2024 and ship out all orders in February.

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Thanks to the hot-swappable feature, you can simply change any switches on the Q2 to customize your typing experience with ease. It comes with our pre-lubed exclusive Gateron G Pro switches on fully assembled version that deliver a consistent and smooth downstroke.

Keychron Q2 Full Customizable 65 percent layout mechanical keyboard supports QMK VIA with hot-swappable Gateron Phantom Mechanical Red Blue brown switch