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 Q1 Pro

Customizable, QMK/VIA,
Full Aluminum.

Wireless AND Wired
connect up to 3 devices

The full aluminum Q1 Pro can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth 5.1 or connect through wired mode with 1000 Hz polling rate which is engineered for the competitive game.

CNC aluminum body

The Bluetooth enabled Q1 Pro keyboard is crafted with 6063 aluminum processed through more than 24 manufacturing stages that include CNC machined, polished, anodized, sandblasted to make a solid metal art on the desk.

program Any key with qmk/via

With QMK/VIA, on both the Bluetooth and wired modes, you can remap your favorite keys and create macros with any key, including the knob, on any operating system (macOS, Windows, or Linux) for a fluid workflow.  

You can assemble every part

We designed every component to be able to assemble easily and you can customize and adjust each component with ease to create your ultimate typing experience.


You can easily hot-swap every mechanical switch to customize your typing experience without soldering. It doesn’t matter if it's linear, tactile, or clicky switches, just pop them in, and it’s done.

Double-gasket design

Experience the next level of key sounds and comfort with our gasket mount design. This design allows the keyboard to maintain the flexibility of the gasket structure and improves the overall typing sound. 


When will the Q1 Pro be available?

Estimated January 2023 on Kickstarter, and we expect to start shipping in March and ship out all orders in April.


Thanks to the hot-swappable feature, you can simply change any switches on the Q2 to customize your typing experience with ease. It comes with our pre-lubed exclusive Gateron G Pro switches on fully assembled version that deliver a consistent and smooth downstroke.

Keychron Q2 Full Customizable 65 percent layout mechanical keyboard supports QMK VIA with hot-swappable Gateron Phantom Mechanical Red Blue brown switch