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Keychron V Max, Q Max, K Max Series Bluetooth Firmware

The keyboard Bluetooth firmware can be used in all V Max, Q Max, K Max Series keyboard versions (White backlight / RGB backlight / Barebone / ISO keyboards)

Note: If everything works fine with your keyboard. Please don’t update the bluetooth firmware. There is a chance it can damage your keyboard.

Step 1: Download and open the update tool "Keychron Firmware Updater". (Windows only, the Mac version is still under development. )

Step 2: Please download the correct firmware.

Download Type-A receiver firmware
Download Type-C receiver firmware

*Firmware version 2.3 updated on December 4, 2023
-Fix the "Sleep" key issue (use with 0.1.10r or above bluetooth firmware version)

Download keyboard Bluetooth firmware

*Firmware version 0.1.14 updated on January 18, 2024
-Fixed issue that mouse function does not work properly in 2.4G mode

*Firmware version 0.1.13 updated on January 8, 2024
-Fixed sleep timer reset caused by num/caps/scroll lock event
-Fixed bluetooth name could sometimes not be set after factory reset

*Firmware version 0.1.12 updated on December 4, 2023
-Added support for dual receivers and fixed JIS additional keys not functioning

Step 3: Plug the Receiver (Type-A or Type-C) into your Windows PC, click on the 'Browse' button, select the firmware you have just downloaded, and then click on Device to choose the receiver(Keychron Link) or the keyboard. Here we choose the keyboard Q6 Max.

Note: Make sure to connect only one Keychron receiver to your computer. If you have multiple Keychron receivers, please flash each one by one. You can also click on the 'Get Version' button to check your current receiver firmware version.

Step 4:Click on the 'Update' button to start flashing the firmware. 

Step 5: Update completed. You can click on the 'Get Version' button again and check to see if the is the latest version.

*Step 6 (Optional):

(1) If the issue persists even after updating the firmware, please factory reset your keyboard (Pressing fn/fn2 + J + Z for 4 seconds).

(2) After you finish the reset, please go to your device Bluetooth settings > select the keyboard and remove/ delete/ unpair it and re-pair it with your device .

(3) For V Max series, if the receiver still doesn't connect after you've updated your keyboard's Bluetooth firmware, perform force pairing (hold fn + 4 for four seconds) and then plug in the receiver for pairing.