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A New Journey of Keychron

A New Journey of Keychron

Keychron k2 mechanical keybaord

It’s not a long time, but not a short time either since we launch our K1 keyboard. In this period, we received lots of valued opinions about how to make our keyboard even better to fit your needs. We are not afraid to fail because you are always by our side, and your support makes me feel like we are not alone in this journey. We’ve recently preparing the launch of our new product, K2 wireless mechanical keyboard that designed to boost your productivity. Here are some features that are driven based on community suggestions:


  1. Added control key on right.
  2. Lightbulb key moved to top right corner.
  3. Comes with keycaps for both Mac and Windows layout.
  4. Dictation key canceled.
  5. Improved firmware so Windows user can use function of F1~F12 without pressing fn key, and press fn+X+L switch to media keys.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of you. After 5 design iterations, we’ve pulled together the finest details and present you a stunning wireless mechanical keyboard for everyday use. Check out K2 here.

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