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Keychron K2 Is Live On Kickstarter! !

Keychron K2 Is Live On Kickstarter! !

keychron k2 mechanical keyboard kickstarter

Are you ready for the spotlight? It’s the time for you to enjoy a compact yet sleek wireless mechanical keyboard that will amaze everyone around you!

We’ve spent days and nights in the past 11 months to come up with our perfect K2 mechanical keyboard. A keyboard with both wireless and type-c wired connection, an incredibly rare feature on a mechanical keyboard, not to mention the ultra-high capacity battery.

The K2 is a perfect combination of full-sized mechanical keyboard and ten-keyless keyboard, which allows you to use Mac media keys same as conventional macOS, such as Mission Control and Launchpad. With Gateron blue, brown, red switch options, whether you like the clicky, gentle or quiet hit feeling, the choice is yours.

We want to let you know how much we appreciate your patience. Thus, we are now offering a limited number of Super Early Bird price for you to pre-order K2 on Kickstarter. So Move Fast and Shop now here.

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