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How the Keychron K7 is One of the Thinnest Mechanical Keyboards on the Market?

How the Keychron K7 is One of the Thinnest Mechanical Keyboards on the Market?

Everyone wants a tactile keyboard, but not the bulkiness of them because we want a keyboard that can type comfortably for hours and fit aesthetically on our desks. As creators, we have enough experience and ambition to make this real.

A conventional mechanical switch is known for its tactile response, allowing you to type with desirable feedback.

Keychron K7 is slimmer than a US quarter

With the increasing desire for an ultra-slim mechanical keyboard, our tech team spent over a year of effort to design our homemade low-profile optical switch, and further iterated the switch and housing structure on the Keychron K7 to make it up to 40% slimmer than conventional switches while still providing an impeccable and consistent typing experience.

Keychron K7 low-profile optical switch is up to 40 percent slimmer than conventional mechanical switch


The K7’s low-profile switches are even slimmer than the size of a US quarter with a height of 0.66 inches (17mm) on the front side and 0.86 inches (22mm) on the backside.


The Keychron K7 is one of the major breakthroughs made on our low-profile keyboard line-up with its 65% compact layout. Not to mention, it's the first-ever hot-swappable low-profile Gateron mechanical keyboard on the market.


Literally, the K7 is packed with everything you want and more. Learn more below.

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