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Enjoy a Similar Panda Switch Experience on an Ultra-Slim Mechanical Keyboard

Enjoy a Similar Panda Switch Experience on an Ultra-Slim Mechanical Keyboard

Conventional mechanical keyboards are known for their tactile responses, the Panda switch specifically is one of the most popular switches amongst enthusiasts with its tactile bump at the start of the downstroke. But, what if you want that on low-profile switches?

We’ve conducted several design iterations on the low-profile Keychron optical switch structure and our tech team has modified our original low-profile optical switch structure on the Keychron K7 carefully to perfect that early tactile bump triggered on the Keychron low-profile optical Banana and Mint switches.

Keychron K7 low-profile Keychron Optical red blue brown banana mint switches

Both the Banana and Mint switches have that early tactile bump experience and operating force, similar to that of Panda switches, comes with a shorter travel distance since it's a low-profile switch (see details below). We are very proud of this innovative breakthrough on our low-profile switches.

Low-profile Keychron Optical Switch specification with red blue brown banana mint options

Together with an MX-style stem and stabilizers on both the optical and mechanical versions, it allows the Keychron K7 to provide an impeccable and consistent typing performance.



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Will these switches be compattable with the K3v2 hot swappable keyboard?

Calen Phillips,

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