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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - March 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - March 2022

Keychron's Q3 is a premium keyboard with a more spacious layout - by Jon Porter @The Verge

"Despite its larger layout, the Q3 uses a similar aluminum construction and gasket mount design to the Q1 and Q2, which made for a great typing feel on both keyboards."

"Meanwhile, its switches are hot-swappable, so they can be changed without needing to de-solder them. Available switches include Gateron G Pro Reds, Blues, or Browns. The keyboard itself supports both Windows and Mac. It connects to a computer via an included, detachable USB-C cable."

Up your game with a new Keychron Q3 custom mechanical keyboard - by David Snow @Cult of Mac

"Following sold-out initial runs of its Q1 and Q2 customizable keebs, the Q3 is a full aluminum mechanical keyboard with gasket mount design. It features hot-swappable switches, a high-grade aluminum case, QMK/VIA mapping support and more."
"The Q3’s Mac layout retains the same multimedia and function keys as the Apple keyboard, while still being compatible with Windows devices with a reliable USB-C cable."

Keychron K8 Pro review: Say goodbye to your Mac's Magic Keyboard - by Raymond Wong @INPUT

"If you're a Mac user just getting started with mechanical keyboards or want one that's affordable to replace Apple‘s flat Magic Keyboard, the K8 Pro is a good one to begin your journey with."
"The upgrades in the K8 Pro — the more robust build, typing feel, sound absorption, and customization using QMK and VIA — do feel enough for a sub-$100 wireless TKL board.“

Keychron's Q3 is a new TKL keyboard that gives you more room to breathe - by Oliver Haslam @imore

"The Q3 will no doubt wind up being one of the best Mac keyboards around for those who want something larger than the standard fare and you can place an order for one of your very own now."
"More space to spread out into, if you will, than the Q1 and Q2 offerings. Like those keyboards, this new keyboard is still a premium product complete with QMK firmware support and more."

Keychron Q1 Review: A Bit of Everything, with Room for More - by Eric Schoon @reviewgeek

"Q1 is easily one of the best pre-built keyboards on the market. When purchasing it, you have enough initial options to customize it to your general tastes, with room to take things much further with (or without) Keychron’s many accessories. The layout is practical and stylish, the build quality is lavish, and the customization is a huge home run for Keychron."
"The Keychron Q1 is a new class entirely. While it drops wireless support, it offers immense customization options, premium build quality, and a great introduction to custom mechanical keyboards, all for less than $200."

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