Keychron Keyboard Article Review — December 2020

Keychron Keyboard Article Review — December 2020

Review: Keychron K1 is the wireless keyboard Apple should have made — by Wesley Hilliard @appleinsider Dec 7, 2020

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Like all Keychron keyboards, the K1 is designed to be universally compatible across Mac, Windows, Android, and iPadOS. Using the switches in the back, users can move between the desired operating system, and cable or Bluetooth modes.

The Keychron K1 is noticeably thin while in use. Compared to the Keychron K2, its base is much thinner, which makes use without a wrist rest much easier. Users coming from the Apple Magic Keyboard won't need to make any adjustments to their typing style due to key placement and style.


Keyboard chronicles: What does a Keychron K1 do for you?—by Victor Marks   @knapsack Dec 14, 2020 


One of the great things about the Keychron K1 is the backlit key switches. Because the key caps are shallow, the light is able to shine on the row behind the typed key. There are a few lighting themes, but the one I prefer has the key light when pressed, and slowly fade off after the key is released.

Keychron makes a range of keyboards. What they all share in common is the Mac layout and compatibility across all kinds of devices, whether iOS, android, Mac, or Windows. Where K1 is different is the low profile base, low profile Gateron switch, and a reduced travel that makes it easy to type without effort.


9to5Mac Gift Guide: Last-minute gifts for tech fans under $100— by Chance Milller @9to5Mac Dec 18, 2020


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If you know someone considering entering the world of mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K2 Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired keyboard is an excellent choice. It comes in at under $100 and is designed for the Mac.


BEST MECHANICAL KEYBOARDS FOR MAC 2020 — by Dinu das  @Bestgamingpro  Dec, 2020

 Credit: @vidalmen

This well-received mechanical keyboard offers flat edges on the frame and slim bezels around the keys. It also features a 75% layout, making it a great choice for travelers or those who prefer minimalism. You can also choose between Gateron Red, Brown, or Blue switches, making this one of the best mechanical keyboards for beginners.



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There are mechanical keyboards of all sorts of prices. I use a Keychron K6 keyboard. It’s wireless, and the battery lasts up to 72 hours. It’s my daily drive and the one I’m using to write this article. It’s a fantastic keyboard any developer would love.

Keyboards also come in different sizes, so Keychron also offers the Keychron K2 that provides an additional row with function keys or the Keychron K1 with separate arrow keys.

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