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The Secret to What Makes the Keychron K7 Durable and Ultra-Slim

The Secret to What Makes the Keychron K7 Durable and Ultra-Slim

The answer to what makes the Keychron K7 remarkably durable in such an ultra-slim body is its premium materials.

Since the beginning of the K7 creation process, we knew it’ll be a tough challenge. We did endless research until we found the aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum alloy enclosure design and implemented it as a pillar of the K7 to make it strong enough to withstand strenuous use and retain its elegantly slim frame.

Crafted with a refined anodized matte surface, the 5052 aluminum alloy on the K7 is considered to have good weldability and resistance to corrosion. 

Keychron K7 Ultra-slim 65 percent wireless mechanical keyboard aircraft-grade aluminum frame

An SGCC galvanized steel plate is added to the plastic bottom frame in order to strengthen the K7's body structure, while still maintaining a stable wireless transmission capability of the K7.

Keychron K7 SGCC galvanized steel plate

Thanks to the ergonomic support from the adjustable rubber feet and curved profile keycaps, the K7 makes typing on a thin keyboard comfortable and enjoyable. 





Hi Harold, this is Miguel from Keychron, thanks for your comment and supporting us, we already pass your opinion to our team, and we will announce it if we start working on it. Thanks.


Hi Damien, Miguel from Keychron, the most similar low-profile keyboard layout is the K1 104-keys Keyboard, we do have a plan for K4 low profile version, but need more time.


This keyboard need SILENT switches. No one makes low profile silent switches. My only issue is the noise at work. Everyone loves your keyboards but the sound at a quiet office is terrible. SILENT LOW PRO switches!!

Harold Watson,

Any chance we could get a low profile version of the K4 layout?


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