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Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse

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Polling Rate
RGB Light

Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse has the best Pixart 3395 sensor. It supports 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth, and USB wired connection.

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Keychron M3

Wireless Optical Mouse (4K / 1K Polling Rate)

Keychron M3 4K Mouse
Keychron M3 Mouse

Keychron M3 has all the best features in a lightweight body that supports wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.1  wireless connection. It is ideal for any scenario, whether at work, gaming, or even on the go. It offers you the best performance and maximizes your productivity.

Keychron M3 Mouse
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Keychron M3 Mouse

One of The Strongest Mouse Sensor

M3 has the strongest, most competitive grade mouse sensor chip PAW3395, with up to 26,000 DPI, up to 650 IPS, and incomparable gripping precision. Whether for work or gaming, the M3 offers an unparallel experience.

Stable & Ultra-low Latency Response

2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.1 

With cutting-edge 2.4 GHz frequency wireless connectivity, the M3 gives you extremely low latency and quick response for gaming and the office. It also offers a stable 5.1 Bluetooth connection for even more variety in your wireless connectivity.

Keychron M3 Mouse
Keychron M3 4K Mouse
Keychron M3 Mouse

The Ultimate Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic curved design ensures a comfortable grip for a long time. The grip pattern design on both sides of the grip makes the gripping experience even better.

Peak Performance For Every Scenario

Precise sensors, extremely low latency wireless connectivity, and high polling rate give you the best performance for both office , gaming or even on the go.

Keychron M3 Mouse
 Keychron M3 4K Mouse

4000 Hz Polling Rate Option

Setting the mouse at a 4000 Hz polling rate can result in a high-speed signal transmittance between the mouse and the connected device. More responsive cursor movements captured with faster trigger response guarantees unparalleled performance, securing your triumph when it truly counts!

Choose The M3 With Different Polling Rate

M3 4K (4000 Hz)

4K wireless receiver

4K Wireless Receiver

The M3 4K comes with an included 4K wireless receiver.

2.4 GHz Wireless Mode

Switch the mode toggle to 2.4 G and then connect the receiver to your PC via type-C cable.

 Keychron M3 4K Mouse
Switch Polling Rate on the M3 4K mouse

Switch Polling Rate

Press the Report Rate button to switch among 5 levels of polling rate from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz in the 2.4 GHz mode.

M3 (1000 Hz)

Keychron M3 Mouse

Two Types of Receivers In The Box

We designed the smallest Type-C 2.4 GHz receiver and a Type-A 2.4 GHz receiver for the mouse. You can pick either of them, plug it in, and play instantly.  

Keychron M3 Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with Type-A port laptops

Keychron M3 Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with Type-C port laptops

Keychron M3 Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with desktops via the extension adapter

Switch Polling Rate on the M3 mouse

Switch Polling Rate

Press the Report Rate button to switch among 3 levels of polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz in the 2.4 GHz / Wired mode.

Lightweight at Only 79g

Lightweight at only 79g, it offers just the right amount of lightness, flexibility, and effortlessness to hold in your hand for extended use.  

Keychron M3 Mouse

More Customization on The Keychron Engine

Keychron Engine software allows you to do more personalization, modify keys, set shortcuts, and even your dedicated macros; you can also do professional settings for LOD, polling rate, DPI, etc.

Keychron Engine software-M3 4K mouse

600 mAh Battery

Housed with a large battery of 600 mAh, the M3 provides a long continuous working time of up to 135 hours in 1K Polling Rate mode (4K version) and up to 70 hours (1K version).
* Usage duration is 40 hours in 4K Polling Rate mode.

M3 Mouse with 600 mAh Battery

16.8 Million Colors

(1K Version)

Fully Customizable RGB Light

Keychron M3 Mouse

Kailh G Master Micro Switch

Kailh GM 8.0 micro switch deliver clean clicks feeling, and the lifespan is up to 80 million clicks

Keychron M3 Mouse

Adjust Without Software

External DPI & polling rate buttons design, you can adjust DPI & polling rate without software

Keychron M3 Mouse

What's In The Box

Keychron M3 Mouse
Keychron M3 Mouse
size of the Keychron M3 mouse


SensorPixArt PAW 3395
DPI (CPI) Range100 - 26000
Polling Rate (4K version)4000 Hz (2.4 GHz mode)
1000 Hz (Wired mode)
125 Hz (Bluetooth mode)
Polling Rate (1K version)1000 Hz (2.4 GHz / Wired mode)
125 Hz (Bluetooth mode)
Click SwitchKailh GM 8.0 Micro Switch
Click Switch Lifespan80 Million Clicks
Lift Off Distance1.0 mm / 2.0 mm
Motion SyncSupport
Mouse FeetTeflon / PTFE
Battery600 mAh
MCUNordic 52840 (4K version)
Telink 8273 (1K version)
Weight79 ± 3 g
CableDetachable Type-C to Type-C Cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1 / 2.4 Ghz / Wired (type-C cable)
System SupportWindows & macOS
Angle SnappingOn / Off
Keychron Engine Support OS
Windows 11/10 and macOS
Material (Body and Grip)ABS

Download the software, user manual, and more

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Great mouse

I got this for work so I use it 8-10hrs a day. Im using the wireless dongle it came with for the best sampling rates and it's very smooth. The battery seems to last quite a few days and sleep mode seems to not drain the battery since it I can leave it for a week and its still charged up. I do wish there was a battery indicator for MacOS but it at least turns read when the battery is low.

It feels good in the hand and is weighted perfectly for me, especially with the weight at the bottom.

Ok mouse, long battery life

Looks pretty good, and feels really good in the hand.
I really like the matte body and the fact that the finger rests for the thumb/pinkie are textured plastic instead of stickers or painted-on since they won't degrade over time but the inward slope on the right side is a little uncomfortable on my pinkie.

The rgb behaves well and can be turned off without any software which is very important for me since I'm on Linux.

The battery life seems pretty good.
The usb cable would be very good even if the mouse was wired but the long connector and the fact that the port on the mouse is not recessed enough means that it's a bit uncomfortable using it while it's plugged in.

My only real issue is possibly with the sensor which doesn't seem to work on some surfaces that none of my numerous previous mice had any trouble with, resulting in choppy/laggy cursor movement - I verified this by using a piece of cardboard under the mouse which seems to work very well.

Bold-Erdene Purevsuren
Great mouse

Nice mouse! Feeling 100% Thanks!

Pleasantly surprised

As others mentioned, at first I was disappointed because it didn't slide well compared to my previous logitech mouse.
Then I found out, that there was a thin protective film that I had to remove.
I love the fact that it is a little bigger than my logitech mouse.
And I love the sharp price.
I love the USB-C and all the accessories that are included.

But maybe the accuracy is just a little lower than the Logitech mouse I had previously.
The buttons aren't configurable yet. But I hope that will be fixed once the Mac driver will be out. (expected in June).

It would be nice if it the mouse buttons would just configurable using the VIA webpage that my keychron K3 pro wireless keyboard has.
But I guess that's an unrealistic expectation. Curious though, and really looking forward to whatever solution is coming up.

PS: I am a software developer with budget for cool gadgets and extremely high expectations. The K3 keyboard really checked all the checkboxes. When I found out that they shipped a low budget mouse, I just ordered it along with it, not expecting too much of it. But I actually like the mouse as well.

Great Mouse

Really great Mouse!

For people complaining about the rubbery slides. There is a blue protective film on them that you have to remove.

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Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse Black
M series

Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse

From $49.00

Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse has the best Pixart 3395 sensor. It supports 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth, and USB wired connection.

Please drop your email on "Notify Me When Available" if the product model is out of stock.

No discount codes can be used for M3.


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Polling Rate

  • 4000 Hz
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RGB Light

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