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Keychron Resin Palm Rest


Keyboard Version

Made from high-quality resin trimming to symbolize fluidity, the Keychron resin wrist rest provides excellent ergonomic support for spending long hours at the desk.

 THIS PALM REST DOES NOT INCLUDE KEYBOARD. Please drop your email on "Notify Me When Available" if the product model is out of stock.

Keyboard lengths of K2, K6 and K6 Pro, C1, K8 and K8 Pro, Q1 and Q2 are the same, so the K2, K6 and K6 Pro, C1, K8 and K8 Pro, Q1 and Q2 keyboards share the same resin palm rest.

NOTE: There is slightly difference between the actual objects and pictures due to the different textures of resin.

Keychron Resin Palm Rest

Made from high quality resin trimming to symbolize fluidity, this wrist rest provides you with excellent ergonomic support and maintains maximum comfort for spending long hours at the desk.

Keychron Resin Palm Rest
Keychron Resin Palm Rest close up
Keychron Resin Palm Rest details

The palm rest is visually aesthetic and allows you to glide effortlessly across the smooth surface while typing. The resin wrist rest includes four rubber bump-ons to keep it from sliding on your desktop.

Q3 / Q3 Pro / V3

Q1 / Q1 Pro / Q1 HE / Q2 / Q2 Pro / V1 / V2

Keychron Resin Palm Rest for Q1 Q2

Q12 / Q5 Pro / L3

K2 / K2 Pro

Keychron Resin Palm Rest for K2

K6 / K6 Pro

Keychron Resin Palm Rest for K6


Keychron Resin Palm Rest for K4

K8 / K8 Pro / C1 / C1 Pro

Keychron Resin Palm Rest for K8 K8 Pro C1

Why is the palm rest important?

A great palm rest will reduce the strain and potential long-term effects of unnatural wrist position and awkward angles that may lead to irreparable damage to your wrists over time. Proper positioning of your wrists is extremely important if you’re gaming or typing for long hours.

Keychron Resin Palm Rest ergonomic typing support
Keychron Resin Palm Rest


Palm RestK2 / K2 Pro / K6 / K6 ProK4K8 / K8 Pro / C1 / C1 ProQ1 / Q1 Pro / Q1 HE / Q2 / Q2 Pro / V1 / V2Q3 / Q3 Pro / V3Q12 / Q5 Pro / L3
Dimension12.48 x 3.15 x 0.71"15.1 x 3.15 x 0.71"14.17 x 3.15 x 0.71"12.99 x 3.15 x 0.71"14.05 x 3.15 x 0.71"16.10 x 3.07 x 0.59"
Weight523 g /1.15 lbs584 g/1.29 lbs588 g/1.30 lbs590 g/1.30 lbs578 g/1.27
572 g/1.26 lbs

Material: Resin and rubber feet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ishir Bhan
Stylish and comfortable; only downside are the rubber feet

I love the sleek look and comfort of the resin. It's almost a perfect wrist rest, but falls short in one area: the rubber feet. They shift around and lead to instability of the rest, causing it to rock when pressure is unevenly applied. I replaced them once with a fresh set from Keychron, but the same thing happened again. I purchased some third party strip grips which are better, but it would be nice to have something thicker designed for the wrist rest. Part of the challenge is that it's such a slick material, that adhesives have a hard time remaining stable.

Great looking palm rest

Sadly, there are bubbles enclosed in the resin. But besides that great product!

Great wrist rest but the feet are off

The wrist rest itself is really nice, I have rarely seen one of this quality. Though that cannot be said about the standing feet (thingies for making it not slide), which do not match the overall quality of the item. They fell off pretty soon, and I keep putting them on. The glue is probably not strong enough, because the feet keep sliding around and smearing the thin layer of glue all over the bottom of the item. Other than that, the wrist wrest looks amazing and feels very solid.

Must have

Extremely high build quality, feels great on my wrists, looks gorgeous paired with my Q3. You really need to see in person to appreciate, photos do it no justice. Highly recommended.

Jesse Scott

My girlfriend may think that this wrist rest is a heavy chonky boy, but it is just gorgeous. The ripples inside of it look like preserved magma and I just love it.

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